Keep DC Clean

Welcome to Keep DC Clean!

The PROBLEM: The Anacosita and Potomac River are very dirty

Different organazations, such as the NRDC have made it their missions to end river pollution in the dc metroploitan area. NRDC: Cleaning Up the Anacostia River.

Although the Anacostia River used to be a beautiful river that surrounded DC, it is now a glorified Trash Can.

This is also true of the Potomac River, although these two rivers are supposed to be clean, this is not the case

By coming to this website you have already taken the first step to ending river pollution

In order to keep our rivers and DC in general clean we need to:

The SOLUTION: keepdcclean!

Keep DC Clean is an app that can help DC residents report pollution and sign up for clean up efforts

By reporting places where littering and pollution is most common we can help our DC goverment target and end pollution in our rivers

To learn more about River Pollution and how to stop it go to: Pollution down, fish recovering in Potomac!